NCS8807 LVDS-to-mLVDS w/ Scaler (4K TCON w/ Scaler)

General Description

NCS8807 is an LVDS 4K TCON with advanced scaling function. It takes LVDS input signal from the TV SoC, scales it up to 4K resolution, and drives the 4K panel.

By combining the 4K scaling and TCON functions into a single chip, NCS8807 enables the lowest cost solution for 4K TVs. Thanks to our proprietary scaling algorithm, NCS8807 provides high picture quality which is close to the current 4K TV solutions.

NCS8807 also support mainstream HD(720p) to FHD(1080p) scaling application.


--mini-LVDS Output

1/2/4-port 3/6-pair mini-LVDS interface

Up to 4K (3840*2160) supported

Port and polarity swap supported

Adjustable gate control timing


--LVDS Input

Single/Dual-channel 6/8bit LVDS interface

400Mbps to 1Gbps per data pair

Built-in termination

Channel and polarity swap supported


High-order high-quality scaling engine


--Reference Clock

Any freq. between 19MHz and 100MHz

Crystal or single-ended clock input

Built-in 5000ppm SSC generator


I2C for chip configuration

Built-in video test pattern



1.2V core supply

2.5V or 3.3V IO supply

Power consumption ~ 400mW @ 4K



LQFP-128 (14mm x 14mm) package

RoHS Compliant



Samples by the end of 2016

Block Diagram