NCS8801 RGB/LVDS-to-eDP Converter (2/4-lane eDP)

The NCS8801 is a low-power RGB/LVDS-to-eDP interface converter offering up to 6dB pre-emphasis and 2/4-lane eDP output support. The lowest power consumption and the smallest package size in the market make it an optimal solution for mobile devices.



  • Ÿ High-resolution

2/4-lane eDP output @1.62/2.7Gbps per lane

Supports up to 2560*1600*60Hz

  • Ÿ Flexible input

18/24 bit RGB and dual-channel 6/8 bit LVDS

  • Ÿ Low power consumption

~70mW @2048*1536*24bit*60Hz, LVDS mode

  • Ÿ Small footprint

7*7mm QFN56


  • Tablets
  • ž Monitors
  • ž Industrial displays