Clean-up PLL IPs

NewCoSemi provides fractional-N clean-up PLLs for applications requiring sub-ps rms jitter performance including SONET. By using state-of-the-art low-bandwidth filtering and low-jitter fractional-N technologies, this IP filters the input clock with very low bandwidth, and generates a low-jitter output clock with a fractional multiplication ratio and 0ppm in sync with the source. This IP only requires a single 155.52MHz crystal oscillator while neither VCXO nor other off-chip component is needed. It provides an ideal solution for SoCs with stringent jitter requirement.

Ø  Part Number

•        NCS2101

•        NCS2102

•        NCS2103

•        NCS2105

•        NCS2107


Ø  Feature

•       Fractional-N jitter cleaner with ultra-low bandwidth

•       Hold-over function compliant with SyncE specs

•       LC-PLL compliant with SONET jitter specs

•       No off-chip components

•       SSC generation

Ø  Manufacturing Process


Ø  Applications

•       SONET/SDH
•       OTN
•       GE/100GE
•       FC
•       Wireless basestation
•       PDH
•       Video